Research Projects

3D Printing for medical images (CRAFTER)

CRAFTER is a custom-made 3D model generator for medical (CT, MRI, ultrasound) images. It has the unique property of retaining the colour information while providing a one-hundred percent compatibility with 3D printers.

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Leap Motion Involuntary Movement Tracker

Leap Motion is a low cost, hands-free HCI (human-computer interface). Its high resolution and no-contact technology allows for an easy, fast and healthy device for a desk based movement disorder analysis.

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Wearable Rpi Zero W – A low cost, wearable tremor analyzer

Raspberry Pi Zero is a low-cost, wearable computer. Easily customizable with python scripts, it allows for a fast integration with a large spectrum of sensors – like accelerometers – for an extremely detailed motion-analysis.


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VR Applilcations

Low-cost VR technology is here: Google Cardboard and Oculus Quest API are already available for consumer use. VR apps are extremely useful to simulate any kind of environment, expecially in rehab settings.


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Apps for cognitive training and evaluation

Large scale, low cost rehab and diagnostic tools for iOS and Android. A remote controlled, user-tailored experience.


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Neurpsychology App

Low Cost Human-Computer Interface

PROJECT CLOSED – An old HCI (human to computer interface) using analog-to-digital interface, RC filter and electrooculogram. More informations: